Managed logistics

We provide fully integrated solutions with a single, centralised point of contact to manage all transport operations.

This service provides clear co-ordinated communications across transport operations, warehousing, customers, suppliers, hauliers and other stakeholders. A system which is proven to greatly improve efficiency and provides a seamless collaborative approach to the logistics and supply chain industry. Through our network of BRC accredited, bonded warehouses, we enable our customers to meet consumer’s demands for everyday perishable products, promising short lead times and frequent deliveries.

Increasing global competitive advantage

Through the power of EV Cargo, we have the ability to maximise opportunities globally. We harness technology, form long-term strategic partners and manage knowledge to exploit market similarities and minimise differences to achieve global competitive advantage.

Trusted cold chain logistics specialists

Having performed rigorous testing with our trusted partner hauliers, our customers know our dedication to service excellence travels from director to driver. Our knowledge and expertise in compliance, time critical deliveries and perishable products has positioned us as the preferred supplier for the UK’s major food and drink retailers.

End-to-end ambient solutions

Our non-asset-based network bears comparison to a jigsaw puzzle – our partner hauliers differ in size and regional expertise, but fit perfectly together into a flexible, scalable, and robust network. Combined, we offer 9 million sq. ft. of ambient warehousing nationally. It is also why we’re specialists in ambient, multimodal transport, solving the puzzle one consignment at a time.

Direct distribution

Through our network of trusted partner hauliers, we offer flexible and scalable direct distribution solutions.

We offer the direct link from manufacturer to consumer. Our team of experts are trained to recognise any inefficiencies in the supply chain, saving our customers significant investment, direct routes, and cost savings.

Groupage transport

This service is ideal for part loads and specialist consignments when complete traceability and integrity is required.

Like a professional match-making service, we will consider the volume, frequency and product characteristics for our customers to execute optimal groupage in perfect harmony. In consolidating smaller loads, we are able to offer a reduced delivery cost of up to 60% and deliver on ours and our customer’s sustainability goals through a reduction in carbon emissions.

Through our unique network of haulage heavyweights and optimal routes, we’re able to execute fixed routes, regular departures, high frequency and short transit times both for domestic and international shipments – saving our customer’s both time and money.

Reverse logistics

Reverse logistics is a circular view of sustainability that spans the entire product lifecycle. It manages the return flow of goods and materials back to the manufacturer or the logistics network for correct disposal.

Implementing reverse logistics into your supply chain is simple. Our team of experts will consider the product lifecycle and seek to bridge the gap by utilising our UK network to achieve a fully sustainable – and circular – supply chain.

Driven by technology

Our promise of data integrity extends beyond the expected security and quality. Our system’s core competencies achieve accurate, complete and consistent data, giving you open access and visibility of live data control.

The BluJay is intelligent, adaptable and thrives in complex social systems and our namesake market-leading system works in much the same way. Our customers benefit from a streamlined service, meaning they only need to deal with one point of contact for any part of their complete service.

Seamless integration

BluJay seamlessly integrates end-to-end with customers’ ERP, TMS and tracking systems easily, flexibly, and at a low-cost.


A hot topic in the industry, automation has a leading role in the development of logistics management. Our BluJay system supports and enables end-to-end real-time information and automatic order transfer.

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